Ride in Style

I am officially a resident of San Francisco, and I am adjusting to city living and enjoying riding my bike everywhere. SF is very bike-friendly, and it's really not necessary to have a vehicle. So I left my car in Virginia with my mom, and in exchange she gave me her bike. It's a 10-speed from the late 80's, navy blue and rides like it's brand new. Now all I need is some stylish gear to go with it. This is what I am thinking....

Farewell Ghent!

A new chapter in my life is about to begin; I am moving to San Francisco in a few days. The 9.5 years I spent living mostly in Ghent, Norfolk will forever be bright in my memory. I snapped a few photos of my neighborhood this past winter (by far the heaviest snowfall VA had seen in 10 years). The photos of my patio garden were taken late last spring - I'm going to miss Virginia's lush spring. Lastly, a few photos of my apartment/studio and several vintage finds from the Portsmouth Flea Market. Blue antique bottles and tins with beautiful typography are my favorites.  

Sad to say farewell Ghent, but excited and optimistic for my next adventure.