Relax, it's the weekend!

 Sources available on my  "  Outdoor Spaces  " Pinterest Page

Sources available on my "Outdoor Spaces" Pinterest Page

I love my new apartment, however it's missing one thing: an outdoor space! Luckily the public parks in San Francisco are amazing; most of them high on a hill overlooking the bay or the city. Yet, there's nothing like crawling out of bed and immediately being in your own outdoor space. Having a cup coffee, while listening to the birds sing and feeling the glistening morning sun is irreplaceable. I miss tending to my plants and having outdoor dinners lit by candles. For now I'll be grateful for those memories and make a fun collage of outdoor spaces I found on Pinterest. After I finish this blog post I will happily take a walk with my dogs to the nearest park. Enjoy your weekend! I know I will - I am going to relax and spend some quality time outdoors.