2013 Logo Trends

    Badges:  Bayborough ,  Customs ,  Lockup:  Whitepenny ,  License Lab   Script:  Lemond ,  Cottesloe , Line Craft:  Fork Rooster ,    Plaid Tag    

 Badges: BayboroughCustoms,  Lockup: Whitepenny, License Lab  Script: LemondCottesloe, Line Craft: Fork Rooster, Plaid Tag  

This year we have seen an abundance of logos incorporating a "lock-up" letterpress structure, hand drawn script type, line craft illustrations and badges with minimal detail. I am not always a fan of trendy work - everything starts to look the same and the charm quickly fades away. But graphic design trends are inevitable; after all graphic design is a visual communication of contemporary culture. 

The logos above, as trendy as they are, have unique artisan qualities. Years from now these markings won't feel outdated because the designers followed the fundamentals of design first, and then used discretion to integrate an appropriate amount of trendiness to their work.