2014 Design Trends

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I find design trends intriguing. I am curious to see where graphic design will go 10, 20, 50 years from now. For 2013 I focused on logo trends, but this year I've included packaging, editorial layouts, trending styles and finishes. In early 2013 we saw clean line art incorporated into script type, icons and badges (see 1, 2, 4, 6, 9). This trend carried well into 2014, but I've noticed this style has gone up a notch - more intricate illustrations and inventive type selectively knocked out to create more depth (see 2, 4). Clean and simple was also seen in editorial design. Sophisticated grid layouts, the use of negative space with Bodoni inspired type was very prominent (see 7). On the contrast to this minimal style, messy hand drawn type emerged. I am thinking we’ll see more of this roughness in 2015 (see 8, 3). Lastly, for 2014 gold metallic was definitely everywhere - packaging, logos, stationery and posters were coated with a luxe gold shine (see 5). I predict 2015 will continue on with trends from last year, but I think more texture will start to emerge.

Shutterfly Work

It's been a while since I've posted, but I started a full time position in May. I am working at Shutterfly! It's a change from my last job in branding where everything was very consistent. At Shutterfly I am pushing my creativity; designing in various styles, composing unique photo layouts, and exploring a wide range of color palettes.

To see more of my cards, click here

Ride in Style

I am officially a resident of San Francisco, and I am adjusting to city living and enjoying riding my bike everywhere. SF is very bike-friendly, and it's really not necessary to have a vehicle. So I left my car in Virginia with my mom, and in exchange she gave me her bike. It's a 10-speed from the late 80's, navy blue and rides like it's brand new. Now all I need is some stylish gear to go with it. This is what I am thinking....

Relax, it's the weekend!

 Sources available on my  "  Outdoor Spaces  " Pinterest Page

Sources available on my "Outdoor Spaces" Pinterest Page

I love my new apartment, however it's missing one thing: an outdoor space! Luckily the public parks in San Francisco are amazing; most of them high on a hill overlooking the bay or the city. Yet, there's nothing like crawling out of bed and immediately being in your own outdoor space. Having a cup coffee, while listening to the birds sing and feeling the glistening morning sun is irreplaceable. I miss tending to my plants and having outdoor dinners lit by candles. For now I'll be grateful for those memories and make a fun collage of outdoor spaces I found on Pinterest. After I finish this blog post I will happily take a walk with my dogs to the nearest park. Enjoy your weekend! I know I will - I am going to relax and spend some quality time outdoors.  

Cross Country Road Trip

My last morning in Virginia I took a walk, and said goodbye to my quaint little neighborhood. My dad arrived in Virginia on March 6th and the following day we left for California. The week leading up to my departure was insane! I stopped working at my full time job only 7 days before my move. I stayed up every night until 3 am figuring out moving logistics and packing. The trip cross country with my dad was so special. I really needed this time to relax, and for once, time actually slowed down.....

Postage Wedding Invitations

One perk to driving cross country is all the down time you have. My lovely Dad did all 50 hours of driving (such a good dad I have!) When we weren't chatting I was catching up on my favorite stationery blogs and scrolling through my Pinterest feed. At the end of my trip I realized how many postage wedding invitations I had pinned unintentionally. A "ring-ring" went off in my head, "make a blog post with these!" So here they are - beautifully designed with strong lockup type, contrasted with minimal detail and open space. 

Farewell Ghent!

A new chapter in my life is about to begin; I am moving to San Francisco in a few days. The 9.5 years I spent living mostly in Ghent, Norfolk will forever be bright in my memory. I snapped a few photos of my neighborhood this past winter (by far the heaviest snowfall VA had seen in 10 years). The photos of my patio garden were taken late last spring - I'm going to miss Virginia's lush spring. Lastly, a few photos of my apartment/studio and several vintage finds from the Portsmouth Flea Market. Blue antique bottles and tins with beautiful typography are my favorites.  

Sad to say farewell Ghent, but excited and optimistic for my next adventure.

Baking with Garbanzo Bean Flour

Looking to add protein to your baking and/or want to bake gluten free? If you haven't tried baking with garbanzo bean flour I think this is great alternative to flour. Or check out this chart for other flour substitutes. I used honey and coconut sugar instead of regular sugar, and added flaxseed meal for more fiber. These blueberry-lemon muffins I baked this morning taste amazing, and 3 hours later I still feel energized! 

Southwest Getaway

I've always wanted to go to Austin, Texas and now it's finally official - airfare and an Airbnb rental has been booked! Everything I've read about this supposedly weird city has intrigued me; their outdoor activities, lively restaurant and music scene, their progressive cultural. Anytime I see snippets of their design aesthetics in decor, architecture and/or fashion I fall madly in love! The collage above is my depiction of Austin's lifestyle. I hope I am right!

Source: I found these images on brickhouse.tumblr.com. If you like modern with a touch of southwestern your eyes will be thanking you after you check out this site! 

Wedding Invitation Ornaments



I often recommend my clients to order a few extra wedding invitations for scrap books or shadow box frames, but have you ever thought about creating holiday ornaments with your wedding invitation?  It's so simple to do; purchase glass ornaments online or at a craft store, slice your invitation with an x-acto knife and then fill the ornaments. Each holiday season you will enjoy your wedding invitation in an artistic and memorable way!

Happy Holidays!



I don't know about you, but this year the holidays snuck up on me rather quickly! Today I finally had a free hour to create my holiday ecard. As simple as it is and given my tight timeline, I can honestly say I like it (which is not always the case). I went for a subtle throwback feel, and I didn't realize the stars formed an ornament until the end. ( A note to myself; work quickly and don't over think it....you just might like what you see!)

Modern Christmas Decorations



Every Christmas I make at least one DIY, and this year I made these modern paper ornaments. Only a few materials needed and after a couple of hours you'll have simple, yet bold decorations. I recommend making at least five, as a grouping has a more dramatic effect. For a rustic-modern feel decorate a branch like I did, or try hanging them in a window or above your dining room table. Step-by-step instructions can be found here: designsponge.com. Merry Christmas and Happy DIY! 

2013 Logo Trends

    Badges:  Bayborough ,  Customs ,  Lockup:  Whitepenny ,  License Lab   Script:  Lemond ,  Cottesloe , Line Craft:  Fork Rooster ,    Plaid Tag    

 Badges: BayboroughCustoms,  Lockup: Whitepenny, License Lab  Script: LemondCottesloe, Line Craft: Fork Rooster, Plaid Tag  

This year we have seen an abundance of logos incorporating a "lock-up" letterpress structure, hand drawn script type, line craft illustrations and badges with minimal detail. I am not always a fan of trendy work - everything starts to look the same and the charm quickly fades away. But graphic design trends are inevitable; after all graphic design is a visual communication of contemporary culture. 

The logos above, as trendy as they are, have unique artisan qualities. Years from now these markings won't feel outdated because the designers followed the fundamentals of design first, and then used discretion to integrate an appropriate amount of trendiness to their work. 

Antique Modern Spaces
















In my eyes heaven would look like this: early 19th century Georgian interiors painted white with pops of modern decor! I love this new trend of mixing traditional with modern. 

The classic Georgian interior had crystal chandeliers, gold decor, dark mahogany wood, heavy ornamentation and rich colors. Today you often see the original crown molding, plaster ceilings and gilded mirrors painted completely white. Art historians might think this is a sin, but personally I like the subtle glam! The crystal chandeliers and gold accents feel more antique and less ritzy living in a neutral environment. Weathered wood replaces the mahogany but continues to add texture and warmth to the space. Lastly, and my favorite touch, mid-century modern furniture added for a not so matchy-matchy look!

Energy Bars

Breakfast Bars.jpg



- 3 ripe bananas

- 1/2 cup of peanut butter

- 1/2 cup of flaxseed meal  

- 1/4 cup of sliced almonds

- 1/4 cup of crushed walnuts

- 1/4 cut of dried apricots

- 1/4 cup of raw coconut

- 2 tbsp of cinnamon 

- 2 tbsp of coconut oil 

- 1 tbsp of sea salt

I finally bought the "fake" PB from Whole Foods. It has 1/2 the calories and fat, but doesn't taste good alone.  Surprisingly tastes like real peanut butter when used in baking or even in a smoothie.



- Lightly coat the bottom of a 12 x8 pan with coconut oil. 

- Mash bananas and PB together. Add the rest of the ingredients, mix well. 

- Spread evenly and press firmly.

- Bake at 325 for 20-25 min. Top should be golden brown. 

- Let cool for 30 min, slice and wrap individually. 


The Salon Branding


Leah Hurley, founder of Craft Media and who happens to be my super smart cousin, hired me to brand her new startup, The Salon. This organization is another one of Leah's savvy business minded projects that is based out of NYC to help connect and support women entrepreneurs. The design requirement provided by Leah was to create a timeless brand for women. I decided on a feminine, but not too girly color palette: warm peach and soft turquoise contrasted with deep navy and charcoal. To achieve an overall classic brand I chose a mixture of sleek and bold fonts. Thank you Leah for this opportunity! Looking forward to watching The Salon evolve.

Visit craftmediany.com to see more of Leah's projects.